Furnace inducer motor noise trouble shooting and fix


I have an old Carrier natural gas furnace (model number is 58SSB) which makes a lot of noise in the past several years. At the beginning, I thought it is the issue of blower motor. Every time when furnace is starting to work, I can feel a vibration even on the first floor. At that time I didn't have lot of knowledge about gas furnace, and had no ideas about the differences of blower motor and inducer motor. Until recently, I got chance to trouble-shoot the problem.

Honda Pilot 2011 brake job and lubrication


This page is about brake job of 2011 Honda Pilot SUV.

Brake job is complicated, so please take your own risks.

Why lubrication is important for a brake job

Not well lubricated brake parts could cause noises, warped rotor, brake drag, and early wear, etc. This video is about lubrication in a regular brake job. It can be seen as an addition to another video which was made one year earlier about brake pads replacement. That video can be found at


Different types of 2D shapes

Knowing shapes is a skill that takes a little longer to develop for most toddlers. Usually by three years old, a kid should be able to identify some basic shapes.

The shapes themselves fall under the geometry standards of math. Shape related activities can help kids develop problem-solving skills.

Learn different types of lines for children

This video is for children to learn different types of lines.

Hey, welcome to The Puffin Sea. Today we're going to learn different types of lines!
There are various types of lines. These lines can be found everywhere in our real world. They're basic elements for drawing.

In this video, types of  lines are consist of:

  • vertical line
  • horizontal line
  • curved line
  • zig zag line
  • spiral line
  • curly line
  • diagonal line
  • wavy line
  • dashed line
  • dotted line

Hiking - Pyramid Mountain Tripod Rock (5.4 miles) New Jersey

Region: New Jersey
Landmark: Pyramid Mountain
Distance (mile): 5.40
Elevation (feet): 1,706
Difficulty: Moderate
Activities: Hiking Visitor Center
Features: Forest Lake
Date: 05/10/2014

About Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area

Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area is an area of 1,544.76 acres which offers rugged trails, fields, forests, rock outcroppings, and wetlands. The highest point in the park is 934 feet with a magnificent view of the New York City skyline.

Hiking - Garret Mountain Lambert Castle Loop (3 miles) New Jersey

Region: New Jersey
Landmark: Lambert Castle
Distance (mile): 3.00
Elevation (feet): 1,096
Difficulty: Easy
Activities: Auto Touring Biking Fishing Hiking Historic & Cultural Site Horseback Riding
Features: Forest Lake
Date: 04/27/2014

About Garret Mountain Reservation

Garret Mountain Reservation is a 568-acre park located primarily in Woodland Park in southern Passaic County, New Jersey, United States and one of several National Natural Landmarks in New Jersey.